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Danboard's Messy Home by Mullenkedheim on Flickr

Insight for the day: Technology will always change. People will always change, except for one thing: They are inherently messy. Each person has their own preferences, views, and world structures. You cannot design technology without first understanding the commonalities in the tangled mess of the people who will be using it. Photo: Danboard’s Messy Home by […]

Hardcore Stormies Hit The Gym
Buffalo on the road in Yellowstone.
Kilimanjaro by Stig Nygaard

So I set myself some interesting goals at the end of 2012. Figured it was about time to give everyone a bit of an update. Goal: Get Healthy. That’s coming along just fine. I’ve dropped 2% body fat since October, and I’ll be competing in my first indoor triathlon on Sunday. Most nights and then […]