2 hours worth of songs

Things that are dropped, kicked, or otherwise knocked over at a Paul Westerberg concert:

1. The microphone complete with stand
2. The tube amp that keeps blowing fuses (at least 5 times in a 40 minute time frame)
3. One black guitar given the kiss of death by Paul himself, then by the hardwood stage, that was attacked by the tube amp that keeps blowing fuses.
4. Water, then a bottle of whiskey.
5. The girl front and center that Paul kissed.

Overall, it was a good show. Empty by all accounts, and Westerberg came fully loaded for a great comical (even if it was unintended) show. The only thing that kept from making it a great show was the kid next to me that kept yelling, “Let the Bad Times Roll!” between every song. Never did play that or Dyslexic Heart for that matter, but the band did do excellent renditions of Black Diamond and I Think I Love You. The lighting was lackluster (three broken instruments the house crew needs to fix) and bad transitions on the colors. It seemed like the show itself was thrown together that day instead of a band that’s touring, properly forewarded, and somewhat has an idea of the set list. On a scale of 1 to 10, it gets a 6 for pure comic relief!



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