2009 Predictions

Well, some of these are not exactly predictions, but it could happen. Besides, they’re not that far from reality.

  1. Big box stores fail in rapid succession. Customers run back to the small mom & pop stores surges due to their product quality, customer service, and customization.
  2. Credit Card companies keep raising their APR and minimum payment rates in order to raise funds before the 2010 laws take effect. More banks fail because customers are unable or unwilling to pay the higher rates and declare bankruptcy.
  3. Credit becomes taboo. Cash once again becomes the American consumer’s payment method of choice.
  4. A new “Buy American” campaign is launched. Catchy jingle ensues and parodied.
  5. Steampunk becomes mainstream. Goggles will be seen everywhere.
  6. Social media is crowned king of the internet instead of a simple prince.
  7. Web 3.0 becomes a trending topic as Web 2.0 officially takes the internet reigns.
  8. Knowledge Manager becomes a necessary position in every company.
  9. Knowledge Management takes leaps and bounds by exploring crowd-sourcing and social media techniques.
  10. Public libraries find their next Andrew Carnegie and a new public Renaissance begins.
  11. Obama’s public infrastructure plans get off to a slow start due to funding the banks and car industries.
  12. Chrysler fails. GM limps along. Ford actually does quite well.
  13. iPhone begins to lose market share. The market is flooded, AT&T’s network cannot handle the traffic, and the next big phone is released in the summer by Verizon.
  14. The first major Mac virus hits.
  15. Saddle shoes and 1950’s fashions come back into style. Sock hop, anyone?
  16. Cable companies continue to lose TV subscribers due to the sheer amount of video streamed on the internet. A new fight ensues over surcharges on data download amounts.

What are your predictions for 2009?



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