One Classy WordCamp

It’s a rather momentous week. Israel and Gaza are still fighting.  Russia shut off gas running through the Ukraine leaving many Europeans without heating fuel.  CES 2009 wrapped up with a decreased attendance compared to 2008. President Bush gave his last press conference. Motown turned 50 years old. And the first WordCamp Las Vegas came to its first end.

This WordCamp was something different and special. Being the home of CES, many top tech people and bloggers were in town.  Locals comprised approximately one-third of the attendees; everyone else traveled from out of town (thanks for supporting our economy!). My only regret during all of this is that I couldn’t stay longer on Sunday night to thank each speaker again in person (or buy a round of shots to celebrate Matt’s birthday).

In a NPR story that I heard driving home Sunday night, Maxine Powell (who ran a finishing school for the Motown artists) said,

“I think of people as flowers. They’re all different but all are somebody that has something to offer… I teach class.”

Class. That seemed to underlay the whole WordCamp weekend. Class in authenticity.  Class in communication.  Class in presenting yourself.  Class in knowledge.  Class in transparency.

Class is genuine.

The all-star line up of presenters all had class and fabulous messages to communicate.  I took something from each of their presentations and tried to place it into a few words here:

  • Matt Mullenwag
    • Keep building to make the product better.
  • Geoff Kleinman
    • Always keep the doors of communication open.
  • Aaron Hockley
    • Social media is a catalyst for real-life face-to-face networking.
  • Chris Brogan
    • The web is made of infinite content with infinite information that requires a method of differentation.
  • Lorelle Van Fossen
    • Woopra is a swwwweeeettt analysis tool. (though still waiting for my site to be approved)
  • Jim Kukral
    • Make your audience feel special.
  • Joseph Scott
    • There is a lot more to learn about XML-RPC and it’s many, many uses.
  • Dave Taylor
    • Nothing is ever private in social media.
  • Liz Strauss
    • Market for the eavesdroppers.
  • Warren Whitlock
    • By building others you build yourself. Reciprocate!
  • Micah Baldwin
    • Personal branding = experience + influence
  • Jim Turner
    • Start from the bottom and build your content by following your passions.

I know I left out the product pitches as well as one of the sessions that I missed and need to catch online.  I don’t want these messages to stay in Vegas.  So thank you.  You have inspired me to get off my ass and to have patience while I build experience, credibility, and conversations. And one extra big thank you to John Hawkins for organizing (with full drive and commitment) WordCamp Las Vegas.



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