A day in the life – Friday Edition

Setting up in the Royal Albert Hall by Pat Rioux
Setting up in the Royal Albert Hall by Pat Rioux (Cirque du Soleil 'Dralion')

9:00 Arrive at work. Put on hard hat, vest, and safety glasses. Find out that they’ve finally made a dedicated walkway for us.

9:15 Call one of the business partners to arrange a time for a large-format drawing scan and drop off the copies that he requested. Right now? Sure! Walk to the office building, hand off a few copies of the permit, scan the drawing. Coordinate with him to send me the electronic copy. Walk back (certainly hot out here again today).

10:00 Back in the office. Check email. Drawing showed up… and it’s PDF/A format. Bonus! Save it to the correct folder. Print a copy to the plotter in the booth.

10:15 Get sidetracked on my way to the booth. One of the project managers gives me a stack of wet stamped documents to file. Back to the office. Drop off the pile.

10:45 Finally make it to the booth. File isn’t printing, and the plotter’s error message is in French. I pull the rusty French out of my brain, find the Annuler menu and hit okay.  Walk downstairs and bump into the runner. I wonder if he has the mail…. yes! Giant interoffice envelope filled with fire documentation for the show’s elements.  Back to my office after checking in with our financial team.

11:15 Change a few preferences and try printing again. Hike up the 6+ flights of stairs.  Still doesn’t want to print. Manage to find the way to change the language. Ohhhh, I have to hit the menu/OK button to make it start. Success!  Shoot the breeze with one of the projections team member while it prints.

11:30 Back down in the office with the drawing. Notice that a bit was cut off the top. Compare it to the original, and the missing piece (a few lines) did not contain any important information.

11:45 Sidetracked again by another project manager that needed some large files downloaded for a test this evening.

12:00 Decide to take lunch since the world will not let me finish one project.

12:30 Friday afternoon KM/Info studies blog reading for the next 1/2 hour.

13:00 Since I finally have the plotter figured out, print 2 more copies of the drawing. Third time to the booth is a charm!

13:30 Catalog the drawing. Catalog the wet stamped documents. File everything, and realize that I really need a better place to store all these drawings besides the bottom drawer of a large filing cabinet.

14:30 Almost missed my meeting because I was so involved with cataloging the hard copies. Managed to acquire a vertical hanging stand for the drawings, much to the dismay of the audio guys.

15:30 Crack open the envelope of documents received this morning. More to scan. Run upstairs to the office.

15:45 Separate docs into piles for each copy of the fire bible. Update the electronic documets for the hard copy locations and fire documentation binders.

15:15 Place documents into the fire binders.

15:30 Head up to the stage to see one of the show elements that is almost fully assembled and the testing of another element. Meet a few more carpenters and talk with a project manager.

16:00 Shut down the computer and leave. It’s the weekend!



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