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Working Late by Thomas Rockstar
Working Late by Thomas Høyrup Christensen

I work as a technical documentalist for a large scale theatre show.  The job is an interesting mix of technical writing, taxonomies, cataloging, archiving, research… pretty much anything that has to do with the physical or electronic documents for the show.  It’s not quite a librarian, not quite DAM, but it’s the front lines of KM and information recording for the show.  Here’s what today looked like:

8:45 Don safety vest, safety goggles, and safety vest as soon as I get out of the car. Dodge large, heavy equipment at the loading dock delivering a show element.

9:00 Email and check/fix drive replication errors. Respond to mis-filed documents and cataloging questions.

9:30 Meeting with the technical director to solidify the documentation schedule for the remainder of the production.

10:00 Follow up on cataloging and mis-filed documents and other email.

10:30 Get lost in theatre trying to find the booth and the draftspeople. Finally find it with the help of a friendly lighting person.  Talk with the draftspeople regarding drawings that didn’t get replicated.

11:00 Back at desk. Interrupted by contractors testing the speakers/PA system. Yay! Music.

11:15 Up to the admin office to scan documents since the printer/scanner is now connected to the network. Yay! Scanner.

11:45 Check scans, fix and rotate pages. Wonder why some scans came through as a TIF rather than a PDF. Investigate. Find that the scanner defaults to the smallest size file type. Rescan 3 documents and as PDFs.

12:15 Phone call.

12:30 More docs given to me. Scan. Scan. Scan.

13:15 Thinking I should eat lunch.

13:30 See if the network blocks Pandora like it does other streaming media. Success! Music for the rest of the afternoon.

13:45 Fill in an information sheet with the current available data for an element.

14:30 Meeting.

15:00 Continue sifting through the drive to identify deliverables. Banter with the project managers and manage to get a bit of information regarding their current activities and changes that are happening.  Add to info sheets and deliverables list.

18:00 Leave. Dodge the last of the day’s trucks being unloaded. Enjoy the climb up 5 flights of stairs to my car in the parking garage. At least it’s shady and prevents the car from becoming a sauna.  Remove hardhat, safety vest, and safety glasses. Drive home.



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  1. 2009/07/30

    This is kind of cool. Nice peek into your day. I might have to try this as well.

    And man, this makes me miss the production process…

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