A Whisper

Coldplay – A Whisper

It’s amazing to me how opportunities are passed by every day only to find later that we were to blind, deaf, or intelligence disabled at the time to pick up on the clues. On those rare occasions we’re given a second chance and hopefully the senses and synapses are working at 100%. I missed some great signs that I hope give me a second chance because I am ready, receptive, and willing to make any move needed to seize the chance. There is a career change on the horizon; every day brings me closer to the goals I’ve set. I’m ready and willing to attempt obscure measures. I want to succeed. As Glen Phillips said, “Whatever it is, I’m working on it. Trust me.” I can’t put it any better…



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I'm an Information Architect and Taxonomist in the greater Philadelphia, PA area. Mad about metadata. Incessant organizer. Knowledge monger. Information seeker. Wisdom chaser. Curiosity has yet to kill this cat!