November Accomplishments

It’s the final day of NaBloPoMo. Somehow I managed to keep up the blog for a post per day during the past month, which is quite an accomplishment considering the amount of things I’ve done. In November, I:

  • Finalized a classification system for books at /usr/lib. Promptly helped to open the place as well.
  • Worked. A lot.
  • Trained. A lot.
  • Cooked a 16 lb. turkey.
  • Cooked for three potlucks.
  • Ran — and finished — my first 12K race. Promptly finished last in my age group.
  • Ate a lot of turkey left-overs.

You’re probably thinking right now, “Yeah, so what? It’s a list of mundane monthly tasks.” True. So, what did I learn?

  • Writing takes time. I’m a chronic procrastinator, so the task probably won’t get completed anytime soon if I don’t have a deadline. Midnight rocks for that reason.
  • Brushing the turkey with a liberal coating of olive oil creates the perfect golden turkey and helps to lock in the juices. But baste, baste, baste!
  • After these three half marathons, I need to do something else for a month to let my legs & heels heal. Plantar fasciitis is not fun. And my cats tend to steal my therapeutic tennis balls. I might find one of the four tennis balls any given day.
  • People have a hard time understanding the tasks and skills of Information and Knowledge workers. There’s still the 1930’s librarian stigma, even in corporate America. Been thinking about ways to change this.
  • I seriously suck at answering emails. In fact, answering some emails is akin to talking on the phone: not something enjoyable for me to perform.
  • Good blog posts hit once or twice every month. The rest is drivel and fluff that doesn’t tend to serve to better society, but instead calls out our narcissistic ways.

And that, my friends, is the end of NaBloPoMo. See you in January (and maybe before) for the next round of Library Day In The Life.



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