Adding To The Plate

Today: ACTION!

After waiting for 45 minutes for start-up items to install on my computer and a cup of tea later, I start to take off the training wheels. First, I make a choice not to expand the taxonomy sub-categories to include a small number of items that may not be expanded on in the future. I’m delving into a bit of SEO (which I still refer to as Google Voodoo) to see if adding something will make a difference or if the idea is totally unfounded. Check out a potential problem with the taxonomy that may be affecting another tool, but it ends up being a programming problem. Everything is a work-in-progress to respond to the needs of the customers, the employees, and the vendors.

And that was the morning. I felt like I ran a half-marathon before lunch!

The afternoon? One meeting. A information-gathering session with my predecessor. No taxonomy issues. One page update question. And. That. Is. It.


Which totally makes up for yesterday’s last-minute link kerfuffle.

(This is a Library Day In The Life post. Please check out the other librarians on their blogs & Twitter #libday6 as well!)

Photo:happy plate by Patrick Q used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic license.



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