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I’m trying to plan my summer vacation to visit a few friends in various areas. From home (LAS), I want to go to Orlando for 2 days, and from there head to Allentown, PA to see my family and friends. Typing in multi-city trip into a number of flight sites, I received prices anywhere from $600 to almost $900 for this itinerary. Then the bright idea dawned on me — What if I put them all in as one-way tickets? Hmmm…. Lo and behold, total trip cost = $475. To evereyone in Orlando, I’ll be out there on Aug. 4/5, and all my northern friends, I’ll be in PA Aug. 7/8/9. And all my Vegas friends, I’ll be in town the first week of vacation. Yay for outsmarting the corporate financial geniuses!



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  1. M

    so does this mean i might be able to see you again old friend ?
    call me
    when ya arrive

  2. Suzanne

    Whee! Maybe we can get together and I can buy you a long-deserved beer (or a cocktail if you’re feeling fancy).

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