And again…

Yes, it’s true. I will be moving once again, but not of my own accord like the last eight times. The owners of the current residence want to sell this place. We can finish out our lease which ends the first week of December. In the mean time, however, the two roommate, four cats, gerbil-type creature, a handful of newts, a smattering of frogs, and a plethora of fish will look for a new home in this area. I’m not too keen on moving further south, but I will entertain a few minutes on the south side of I-4. Ideally my wish is to stay within a few miles of this current area so that I can continue volunteering at the library and not increase my drive time to work. So if you know of any pet friendly houses for rent around the Clermont/Davenport FL area of I-4/27/192 Four Corners area, let me know!



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