Anyone Spare a Compass?

My mind becomes preoccupied with the different paths available to peruse. Part of me likes the hunt for new resources that reference librarians use every day. The other part of me loves media and technology. New doors open every day for libraries with each new medium or use. It’s ever changing and never rests. The sub-field is relatively new, and the title is usually “Media Librarian” or “Electronic Services Specialist.” The only way I tend to not fit in with this stereotype is in my regard to film. I’m not a sprocket head. I find them fascinating, but the majority of the non-educational films tend to be an opiate for the masses (rather than thinking), and I won’t even discuss the atrocity that is educational films. The last part of me is passionate about music. Classical. Jazz. Rock. Pop. Folk. Alternative. Blues. Lounge. Big Band. Give it all to me. I’ll even listen to non-twangy country and lighter rap at times. It’s healthy and good. Which leads to the natural idea of music librarian. But here’s the rub: I’d need to get a second master’s degree in music in order to market myself. I definitely don’t perform, and I haven’t serioiusly played an instrument in a number of years. I’ve long since lost most of the music theory I learned in high school and college. That leaves ethnomusicology, which I could handle. Decisions, decisions. If anyone has insight into any of these three areas, write me. I’d love to discuss the idea with you.



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I'm an Information Architect and Taxonomist in the greater Philadelphia, PA area. Mad about metadata. Incessant organizer. Knowledge monger. Information seeker. Wisdom chaser. Curiosity has yet to kill this cat!

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    I just looked that up. That to me would be quite fascinating. I think if anything you should persue that. To have a greater understanding of how instruments are built and the whole science of it all would be quite interesting. Especially being that this is an international study.

    How do you know Inga from myspace..i asked to friend her and she asked if i knew you offline and i said yeah ya know..she also fed into my blog as if it was real. being that she is a friend of yours I had to be honest with her and said that Chuck Finster is essentially a far out joke utilizing real spritualalities and philosophies but he himself does not exist


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