Bad Blogger! No doughnut!

I’m waiting for the turkey to thoroughly cook, and I’m thinking that I haven’t exactly been a great blogger as of late. Posts are sporadic at best. Most are just little things I find interesting but have no real substance behind them. I offer no excuse. Time is still a precious commodity, sure, but I’m enjoying being lazy during my time off.

I take that back. There are too many things filling my free time. Christmas shopping, cookies, and ornaments. Making food for the week. Cleaning. Laundry. Paying bills. Refinishing the bookcase.

I thought the bookcase would be an easy, three-day-weekend type project. Nooooo…. Little did I know from looking at the top that underneath the black paint that came off easily, there were 5 layers of varnish waiting to be discovered. After 2 days of stripping the damn thing with Motsenbocker’s Paint & Varnish remover, I’m only about 1/2 way done with the stripping. I don’t know if the remover isn’t strong enough because it’s water-based (yeah, decided to go green and try to save the environment a bit) or the fact that the paint and varnish is older than I am. It’s like a tree. I think it has a layer for each year of it’s life! Don’t get me wrong, the paint came right off. It’s the varnish that’s stubborn. I’m up to 6 applications so far on just the top and external sides. And yes, I’m following the instructions!

A few weeks ago, I did see the Barenaked Ladies play at Hard Rock Live Orlando. And surprise! Mike Doughty (former voice of Soul Coughing) opened for them. Two of my favorites. One ticket and a great view of the stage to boot! I still remember hearing Soul Coughing for the first time in college. AndrĂ© told me that I really needed to listen to RubyVroom. Right now. So we spent the night listening and talking. Definitely one great night. I’m so glad he introduced me to their music. On the other hand, I’m the one who did most of the introducing for the Barenaked Ladies. Since the first time I saw them in Boston, their shows have yet to disappoint me.

The day before the concert, I took the short drive to Bok Sanctuary in Lake Wales, FL (see picture on the left). Although the day was extremely rainy and overcast, the lush beauty and peace still cut through. I got caught in the middle of a 2 mile hike during a down pour, but rain calms me so I didn’t mind until I saw a bolt of lightning. Many butterflies, birds, lush gardens, wonderful carillon music, and a great view to boot. I will be returning on a day that isn’t quite so dreary to take in the rest of the peaceful beauty I possibly missed.

Once again, time escapes me. It’s time to eat and finish the laundry before hitting the sack. Be thankful for what we have on this day and always. Peace.



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  1. Anonymous

    hope your turkey tastes better than my thanksgiving i aint looking fwd to. My dad’s wife seasons the turkey strange, makes dry mexican corn (yuck), potato as opposed to bread stuffing (yuck), green bean casserole ( major yuck)

    i miss my mom’s cooking

    hey i’ll be doing my 18th year HS reunion on friday..should be a hoot
    hope all is well


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