Beginning the Countdown

It’s approximately 30 days from the show’s opening. As with any large show, there’s a heck of a lot still to be completed.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually going quite well.  In fact, the documentation is coming along pretty well.  There’s a big scramble this month to finish all of it — What was changed? What paint was added? Anything new that we need for permitting? — and thousands of other questions.  But I’m doing the time to get it as complete as I can.  I also find it cool because I can knock something off of my wish-to-do list, albeit slightly modified.  When I wrote the list 5 years ago, I wanted to open a large show on Broadway as part of the lighting team.  But doing documentation on a Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas is just as big (if not bigger) as a Broadway show. So I’m very content.

It’s also the last three weeks of the semester.  Which means I should be working on my usability or cataloging assignments, but instead I’m procrastinating by blogging.  It kind of sucks since I really could use a day off from everything to decompress, but that won’t come until mid-to-late December.  With any luck, I’ll be able to take off Christmas and my birthday (yay! after holiday sales!) at the very least.  Which would be nice. Not that I’m going to go anywhere, but a few days off before January and starting my last semester (!!!) of grad school would be really nice.  May cannot come soon enough so that I can knock another thing off of my wish-to-do list — although slightly modified.  This was another area where I went from a lighting MFA to a M(L)IS, and I’m okay with it. Change is good!



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