Bibliothèque, Baby!

So here I am at 5:30 on a Sunday night. Today I got my weekly bus/metro pass, and once again I found that the French-Canadian people are very generous to stupid American tourists. The metro station that I went to sold out of the weekly passes already, so he let me ride for free to the next major station (one whole stop) to get my pass. Once I purchased the pass, I left the station to find food. Lunch at Le Commensal is tasty. It’s a buffet, but you pay by the weight. For a piece of cheese lasange, cous-cous, and some grilled peppers, I paid just over $8. Tasty! From there I walked around the Latin Quarter a bit, and the found the Votre Grand Bibliothèque. Ahhh, a library! Et Archives nationales du Québec with it. There was a display of historical images depicting Québec animation/drawings. I could get the general idea from reading the displays, and a few of the images were captioned en anglais. Yep. I can read French much better than I speak it! I was thinking of what I’d like to take home from Montréal, and I think it’s going to be hard to find a rubber duckie to add to the collection. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a tattoo. The Chinese characters meaning wisdom on my shoulder blade. Nothing big or elaborate but it’s something I’ve wanted for a while. It seems like a good remembrance of my time up here. Maybe. Just maybe.



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