Bonnie and Charley?!?


Fun, fun… it’s that time of year in Florida where everyone strips the shelves bare of batteries, water, bread, milk, plywood, and visqueen. Mind you, it’s primarily one size of battery — D. Radios take D. Flashlights take D. What ever happened to C? or 9 Volts?

Time to get off that tangent and back to the original topic at hand. Bonnie and Clyde — I mean Charley. He’s arriving on Friday the 13th, late in the evening. No one knows exactly where he’ll make landfall bringing a storm surge of at least 16 feet. Surf’s up! School is out for the storm, the equivalent of a snow day in the north. Work is still up in the air, but everything is inside and off the patio.

The cat knows something is up.



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