By the Book

Yeah… I don’t think like everyone else.  I never have.  I’ll follow the guidelines but have issues with doing things “by the book.”  Take, for instance, my current final project for Information Architecture.  One of our tasks is to create a scenario — which I see is a very useful tool — in essay form.   This is fine, but I work better in scenarios by doing diagrams based off of personas: ERD-like diagrams with lines, blocks, and other shapes.  I think visually. I actually like to model data. And I’m thinking I’m going to need to become quite cozy with OmniGraffle very shortly.  But, I digress.  If the book keeps stressing to find a work method that we feel comfortable with, why does the professor insist on having the assignment completed in one way? What is even more interesting, there are very few examples floating around on the internet of scenarios in this style.  Most that I come across are for data architecture, no so much on the web-site end. Can I not just do a scenario map instead?  Maybe I just need a new way of thinking about scenarios and their purpose in order to write a good one with which I’m happy…



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