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Been doing a bit of career soul-searching as of late. Which is cause for the…

2012/06/29 / Insights

You know that feeling when something big is about to happen? The kind of big that’s going to change life as we know it? There’s that nervous, creative energy floating around the world right now ready to pounce for the kill.

2012/06/14 / Technology

I’m afraid of becoming a dinosaur.

You know — one of those professors that stopped keeping up with trends before you were born? Those people who no longer have the vision to see beyond what’s in front of them? The people who’s idea of risk is wearing the wrong color socks with the wrong color trousers?

Yeah, one of those people.

2012/03/04 / Insights

If you want the Next Big Thing, design it, build it, market it, then profit off of the sheep looking for The Next Big Thing. Don’t just sit there. Define the damn thing and make ideas reality.

Back to work after three excellent days in southern California. That first day back after trips are always the hardest — especially after arriving home at midnight (in bed closer to 1:30) and having an 8:30 am meeting.