CC Team Challenge Week 2

Roadrunner by tinyfroglet
Roadrunner by tinyfroglet

Weekly update time! Training is going very well. A total of 13 miles over 4 days according to my Garmin and DailyMile. Running is becoming much easier — just about able to run 2 miles without walking! Last week’s shin splints have disappeared, although my right calf muscle is a bit tight after Saturday’s 5 mile run. A bit of heat last night helped it out a lot. I really wanted to get some yoga or Pilates in today to stretch it out further, but I went to Mr. (Gimpy) Man’s place to eat lunch and then take his dad to the airport. But I think the shopping I did today for cleaning products and cat food / litter gave me a bit of an upper body workout. 42 lbs. of kitty litter and 18 lbs. of cat food, and three bags of cleaning supplies later my arms were none to happy with me!

Things I’m learning about myself through running:

  • I’m slow. Like a 14:15 average mile slow. But what matters is that I’m out there running and slowly improving.
  • Music makes everything just a bit easier, and I use the beat to keep a steady tempo / pace.
  • Thou shall not run until after thou hast puffed on thou inhaler. Especially during the peak allergen times of mornings and evenings when runs are scheduled. Damn allergies triggering asthma.
  • As much as I know about balanced nutrition, I really know nothing about balanced nutrition while training. Love my fruits & veggies, love my pasta & carbs, but trying to fit in more protein. Chocolate milk post-run FTW!
  • I’m a cat person, and I must be a beacon for strays. Every time I run Pittman Wash, I see at least 2 cats — and never the same one twice.


Thanks to everyone who has already donated! I’m 16% to my $2000 goal. If you want to donate and live in Vegas, we have a bowling fundraiser on Sunday, October 10th. It’s at the SouthPoint Casino from 1:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m., and tickets are $25 for one or $40 for two — the price includes two games, shoe rental, and a chance to win prizes. If you’re interested, please let me know by Oct. 3rd so that I can sell the tickets to you and make sure we reserve enough lanes. You can have fun bowling and know that you’re supporting research for Crohn’s disease and colitis!

Some time this week, I’ll also have Rocky Mountain chocolate bars available for sale. I’m also still investigating the possibility of having a dining day at the Sweet Tomatoes on W. Flamingo Road, and I’ll post more information as it comes.

Also, if you’re a runner and want to to donate in another way, there’s a CCFA Team Challenge 10k/5k/1mi event on Saturday, October 2. It’s up at Fleet Feet Sports (Buffalo & Washington), and it is timed. Medals and t-shirts for all participants with your $25 early registration or $30 day-of-race registration. Looks to be a fun time!

In addition to fundraisers, I’m looking for ideas on corporate sponsorships. I’m pursuing a few this week, but if any one has any ideas of community-minded Vegas business, please let me know. Much appreciated!

This week is a step-back training week. Less miles, but that just means I need to make sure I do both days of cross-training instead of gloss over them like I did this week. Until next week…



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