CES Wrap-up

I didn’t make it there, but I did manage to squeeze in the Parnassus Group party at the Atomic Testing Museum on Friday. Many, many, many more people than last year, and I managed to catch glimpses of Robert Scoble, Loic Le Meur, Brent Spiner, and LeVar Burton — but not much has changed from last year in the way of being a party wallflower. As always, the Vegas Twitteratti were there: Manya, Jess, Dustin, Rodger, Chris, and Bill.  Met Andrew, who’s a super-nice guy who made his way from Toronto to NYC,  Mick, a former theatre tech and serial entrepreneur, Barb, an editor for Mashable, and reconnected with Jeff. (Yep. That’s a lot of name dropping so that I don’t forget.) Overall, the party was fun even though I was extremely tired after the long week back at work.

3D TV, tablets/slates, eReaders, Nexus One… that’s what it’s all about!



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