Clashing ideas

Yesterday in my journey through more of the underground city, I stumbled upon some pretty sweet architecture. Not bad to keep myself away from the slush and more snow flurries. Besides, I haven’t been feeling the greatest — a lot on my mind, and tired of not being able to cook for myself. I miss my fresh veggies and fruits. Anyway, I emerged from the metro station to find a wall of police in riot gear. So much for taking the easy way home. All I could see is paddy wagons, police cars, and the street where I needed to walk blocked. So I decided to find some food down in the UQaM area, hopefully avoiding the melee that was occurring up the street. Yeah. As I found out later, the group was protesting police violence. Which ended up violent because the protesters were — in my opinion — idiots for pelting the police with snowballs. And hitting them with sticks and rocks. And smashing storefronts. And looting. Yeah. Just another form of radical group think. Hmmm… the lesson here? I think it’s golden: Don’t provoke police violence by instigating them with sticks and stones unless you want to eat asphalt and wear cuffs.



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