Copyright Fairness

I don’t know how many people follow copyright law, but the idiots on capitol hill are trying to do it again. They want to place insane royalty fees on internet radio stations. The most interesting quote I read so far about this is:

FM stations – including those owned by media conglomerates like Clear Channel – pay nothing at all!

I know that these type of radio stations opened my eyes to new artists and forms of music, and provide a springboard on which these upcoming bands launch themselves towards major labels. Which, in turn, feed FM stations. I think that this U.S. Copyright board will destroy the changes the pop music industry underwent in the last ten years. Because of internet radio, I purchased albums and tracks from artist I never hear on top 40 stations. I help to create the long tail of music and contribute to the band’s royalties. Kill internet radio, you hurt the artist. And isn’t that what copyright and royalties protect?

If you want to help, go to and sign the petition at the very least.

Another petition started via is also available for signatures. There’s also some great information posted about this subject for further reading.



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