Customer Service? What’s that?

You know customer service is going downhill when the DMV gives you the best customer service you’ve had all week. Since last post, two different experiences gave me a sour taste of retail and medical professions.

Scenario #1: RC Willey
I bought a new dining table and chairs from them in April. Delivery was 3 weeks later (my choice since I was away on business), scheduled time between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. I left work early in case they actually showed up at the top of the time frame. Finally received a call at 4:30 saying they’d deliver after 6. No problem. Then it was 7. Then 8. Phone call at 9 saying new delivery time before 10. At 10:45 they show up without so much as an apology. They rush assembling the table and chairs, missing and stripping hex-head screws. I inspect everything to find flaws in the tabletop. Delivery guys tell me that Customer Service [CS] will call me the next day to arrange a delivery time. Okay. I’m satisfied. Until the next morning when I further inspect the chairs in daylight to find two of the four have major scratches in the metal finish. I immediately call RC Willey to let them know. CS informs me that the chairs are backordered and it would be six to eight weeks. Really? I agree to wait (I did pay full price for them to be delivered new and without scratches). This is May 3rd.

July rolls around without being contacted by the sales person or CS. I call CS again, this time being told that I needed to call my sales person to find out the status. What? So I call her. She doesn’t know and tells me to call CS. For the love of… I explain to her that I just off the phone with them. She then says she’ll find out what’s happening and will get back to me. Come to find out they’re being shipped from out of the country to the warehouse without a delivery date. Once again I am told I will receive a call when they arrive. Another month passes. I call my sales person again, explaining that this is now ridiculous and I’d like an estimated date. Says she’ll call back, which she does that same day. They have the two chairs (the table top was replaced a week after the initial delivery, at which time I scored extra screws from the delivery guys). Set delivery for this morning, when I received a call to inform me that one of the chairs came extremely damaged and they needed to get one from Salt Lake City warehouse. They can deliver next Tuesday. Well, that doesn’t work since I’m once again out of town. So here I am, waiting once again for CS to call and arrange delivery.

Scenario #2: UMC Quick Care
Tuesday I wake up, and notice my neck is stiff and I’m super stuffy. More so than normal. As the morning goes on, my eyes hurt more and more, my nose start to run, and my throat gets scratchy. August. Time for the second sinus infection of the season. It happens every year. Twice. I can feel it coming on days in advance. So I call a few doctors offices, and cannot get in since I’m a new patient. It’s my own dumb fault for not selecting and establishing a relationship with a PCP before this happened. Even so, I need to get to a doctor because tomorrow I won’t be able to breathe at all and my head may just explode before that time. It even hurt to wear my glasses. I search my provider directory once more, and come across a slew of doctors at a UMC Quick Care center that accept my insurance. Yay! No appointment needed, so I trot myself down to the clinic. At which point I wait. And wait. To find out 45 minutes into it that they only have one doctor. One. And the waiting room is filled.

Smack me with joy.

Knowing that I leave on a plane Sunday night, I continue to sit for the next 2.5 hours. There’s a guy sitting there who probably needs stitches in his temple, an old lady who keeps snorting, a handful of families, and your stereotypical casino grandma. In this time, the nurse takes me in to a room, takes the temperature, blood pressure, and history. During this time, I tell her all of the medications I am on, including Xyzal and Flonase for my allergies (this becomes important later). The paperwork also gets processed. I believe the lady is new, since she seems flustered at the smallest thing that goes wrong and really cannot answer my questions all that well. I manage to get satisfactory answers eventually. It just took a lot of rephrasing.

When I am finally seen by the doctor, she says she doesn’t see an infection. Listens to my breathing. Barely touches my glands to see if they are swollen (they are, she claims that they aren’t), says my ears are clear of infection as well. Doesn’t even touch my face to ask me where the pain is coming from. At that point I still know I have a sinus infection, when she says, “It’s just a head cold.” (or something along those lines) When I try to tell her that I have this twice a year, every year, and it’s getting worse, she cuts me off and asks me if I want antibiotics or a decongestant. I tell her yes for both since I know full well green junk will be spewed from my nose tomorrow. She at least asks if I’m allergic to any medications — yes, did you not look at my history? — and I tell her along with not taking Zithromax. She does not like that. At this point I’m getting rather irritated with her, but she agrees to write a prescription for Ammoxicillin and a decongestant. Finally. All I wanted her to do was listen to me. I know my body a hell of a lot better than she does. When the prescription comes in with the nurse to complete the visit, I look down to see that for the decongestant she’s prescribed Allegra 180 (the D-version). I then ask the nurse if I should be taking Allegra on top of my Xyzal, to which she then asks the doctor. “Oh, I didn’t know you were on that,” was the reply. What?!? You’re kidding! It’s written on the top of the sheet you wrote the prescription. At this point, I just want out. I don’t ask for another decongestant since I think I have a few left over from the spring. I leave, get the prescription filled and home to find out that it’s 5 days worth. In the past, my last doctor has done a minimum of 7-10 days, if not 14. My sinuses are a mess! From the script, I can’t tell if she meant 15 days worth, or 15 caplets total. So much for clarity. Oh, yes. I forgot. I even got a take home sheet on what to do for a sinus infection. She really did not listen to me at all.

Wednesday — you guessed it. Green snot. I have 5 days of low-grade antibiotics to knock this out of me before sitting on a plane. If it isn’t gone, I’ll be in some pain on my vacation flight. Tonight I have a bit of pain around my eyes, but it’s better. I still have a lot of crap in my sinuses, but my throat is scratchy from the drainage. Still forcing the water. Still taking the decongestant and my Xyzal and my Flonase in hopes this goes away quickly. If not, I’ll be making an appointment with my doctor in Orlando while I’m there. I will not be going back to UMC Quick Care. Not after that experience.

Yes. I am a legal resident of the state of Nevada. My license is now changed, as well as my plates (when they come in) and registration. In and out within 2 hours there. Better than the doctors office, and a helluva a lot more customer-service oriented, too.
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