Day 3 of Brrrrr!

Well, I managed to get myself out of bed in enough time to take the bus/metro this morning. Unfortunately, I didn’t think enough to get exact change for the bus fare. The bus driver was kind enough to let me on for free without paying since I was going to the Subway. Merci beaucoup, monsieur! I’m still not officially into the nitty gritty of the job yet, but I did attend my first meeting with the entire documentalist team. Very eye-opening as to what I need to stay on top of the first few months. Lots of information sheets and theatre drawings will be coming my way very quickly. My work email still doesn’t work since they’re changing my account home drive and server permissions. So I still don’t have an appointment set up for my allergy shots. This concerns me.

Dinner was good. I found a neat little strip of restaurants that weren’t too outrageously priced. Had some grilled chicken and a salad. I considered the fondue, but my stomach isn’t quite up for the cheese yet. Still getting used to the fare (and eating out all the time) up here. C’est la vie.



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