Decisions, Decisions!

The day started out with the ASIS&T Taxonomy Uses webinar (1 of 4 in the series). Either the presenter had a slow connection or I had a slow connection because it was ├╝ber painful and digitally distorted. Abandoned hope after two restarts within the first half hour and decided to catch it when the recordings are released.

More meetings. More people. A cancelled meeting. More decisions.

Today’s activities were very mental. Lots of research, thinking, analysis, and finally action. Alerting people to small problems before they become gigantic problems. Wondering why it’s so hard to get people to take ownership of their work. Switching gears. Learning the CMS. I’m finally starting to see how all the individual tools work together. I’m seeing how fluid the Ux team can be when it comes to new projects by letting the site users’ (internal and external) needs guide us into new projects. I’m getting a bit more comfortable with my role as a manager since I haven’t had the responsibility of direct reports in about 8 years.

I also had coffee today. By accident. Wanted hot chocolate and grabbed the wrong pod. Added lots of creamer. I am not a coffee person. Felt icky by quitting time. Should’ve gone to the Marketing happy hour, but I opted for home and some meds instead. Too much information, I know, but how social I am (company events) is actually part of the performance review for this job. I’ll probably feel more comfortable as more time passes, but right now I feel like a fish out of water, floundering and awkward because I only know a handfull of people.

Photo: make your choice by Rob Williams (orangejack on Flickr) used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.



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