Do I need it?

It all comes down to wants and needs. Is this something I merely want for “x” reason? Or do I need this to accomplish a goal in my life? Do I need the stress the decisions I make will cause me? No, but I need to tolerate it temporarily to accomplish a goal. Do I want a relationship at this point in my life? Or do I/we need it to progress to the next stage in life? It’s all a question of compromise and getting to a point where “yes” suffices any basic emotional, physical, or psychological need.



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  1. Anonymous

    so do you want a relationship at this point in your life ?me..i am gonna be living with a woman my age that i aint dating which is interesting and especially cos my ex emailed me and said "i think it's good for you to be with a contemporary your age" which is funny..cos Liz and I aren't dating..i don't even know if Liz is straight~m

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