Do you believe in Love?

There’s old love and new love in this world. Fat love, skinny love, hetero love and homo love. And you know what? It’s all built on the same trust, security, and respect. There’s no difference in love even though the people may be different. It’s like a giant blanket that envelops you on a cold night as a kid after someone tucked you in. Love isn’t possible without open communication, both people becoming giant bay windows for the other person to see into. And physical love, besides being a natural instinct for any animal, cannot exist on a higher level without emotional love. I know some people will argue all of these points — to which I pose the question: Are you talking about the sex act itself or the actually emotional and spiritual connection that occurs with the act? There is sex without love, a pure bestial motive driving urges.

I learned a lot from my family this past weekend. Although they didn’t exactly say it, they showed it. Love is unconditional. Love is permanent, outlasting any disease, depression, and rocky road that the people in it may stumble upon. Love is also work to support another person when they can’t support themselves. Love dreams of the future, acts in the present, and learns from the past. Time is fleeting and all moments are a gift. Love does not die when earthly life expires. Love is spiritual, an acceptance of the natural paths of nature and the willingness to let the other person grow into the greatness for which they are destined. Love creates unions of two into one, intertwined for the world to see. It does not hide, but shines from eyes and smiles onto other faces unmasked and enlightened.



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