Don’t mess with Texas!

Let me say I’m not a big fan of Texas. Bigger is not always better. And having out of state plates is a police magnet. I was pulled over for speeding somewhere after Post. He clocked me at 73 in a 70. Really? 3 mph? Must have been a slow Sunday. He let me off with a warning, but really?!? Where was he when I was being passed like I was standing still 5 miles earlier? That was on I-84W, the road that is way too long and desolate for it’s own good. That being said, the wind farms around Springfield, TX, are absolutely amazing. I made it to Alberquerque, NM, during sunset which looked beautiful. Buskin got a bit upset in the car and spilled his food and a bit of water in his carrier. Sorry, kitty. My lap is not yours while driving! Tomorrow is the last leg out to Las Vegas… Sweeeeet.



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