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In my search to once again become a student, the one aspect that most daunts me is financial aid. Face it: it’s a mystery as to how it is distributed. An even bigger mystery is why the feds continue to raise interest rates of school loans. I’m lucky in some respects in the fact that all but 2 of my loans could be consolidated. I did that years ago and am now extremely glad for that APR. To all graduating students out there, consolidate all of your eligible loans as soon as possible after graduating. The interest rates are not going down. As I said before, I find it amazing that I can take out a car loan for 4.8%, but my school loans are 7% or higher. Is it more important for our economy to consume than to produce? Education allows the U.S.A. to continue exporting goods and ideas. Why doesn’t the government invest more in education? Is it because the public needs to be kept in the dark? Are thinking constituents trouble? Or is it because our current administration is afraid that they would become the slow kid in the class, trying to keep up? Knowledge provides us with the history on which to base future decisions. Science and math provides the tools to improve the quality of life. Why not invest in it?

Another way to look at the whole post-secondary education process is from a consumer point of view. Yes, everything inflates every year. A college degree becomes a gateway for better income. Colleges may charge more to get “quality” professors and state-of-the-art equipment. They push up tuition as well. Which in turn requires students to need more income or with an unmanageable amount of debt. Which in turn creates a need for federal loans. Which in turn creates a market that supports the interest rate increase. The citizens of the U.S.A. are inherently more consumer-minded than production-minded. When and where will this mentality stop?


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