Final Stretch

Marathon Sacrifice
"Marathon Sacrifice" by DarkMatter (David)

Wow… This is the last day of spring break from grad school, which means I’m into the last 7 weeks of classes and spent the week without classes catching up. I’m struggling a bit with my Database class (actual construction of databases, as opposed to use or idiosyncrasies of reference databases), but so long as I can pull an 80% in the class I’ll graduate.  It’d be a bummer, though, since that would be the only class to kill my perfect 4.0 (there’s always one!).  As much as I understand ERDs and the different types of database keys, I just can’t seem to grasp how the prof wants us to work with it. I think it’s more of a different-work-methods rather than problems understanding or working with the material.  In many ways, I’m already using what I learned at work trying to figure out how to shape a new EDMS/CMS system. It also doesn’t help that I fell behind for a week or two while opening the show and have problems with my Internet connection during class times. <sigh> Sometimes things just work against you.  On the other hand, I was nominated for Phi Kappa Phi and have to figure out soon if I’m going to join.  May 1st can’t come soon enough. And Vegas friends (or any other friends who want to come out & help celebrate), keep that day open b/c there will be a celebration of some sort somewhere. Details to follow!

And I’d like to thank the following local Vegas places for keeping this grad student sane through Twitter winnings and promotions the last few weeks:

  • M Resort’s Hostile Grape for the wonderful bottle of red wine this past Tuesday — and Lori for splitting it with me. If you’re into social media, check out their Tuesdays Turned Social for $5 all-you-can-eat appetizers and BOGO on select wines.
  • Buckbean Beer for the tickets to yesterday’s Brews Best Village Beer Fest at Montelago/The Village Lake Las Vegas. Not a beer drinker, but I found a few things to try (ZOMG super-secret blackberry honey meade!) as I walked around the beautiful village and managed to keep from getting blown away by the wind! Beer and Blog Vegas thanks you!
  • The Las Vegas Weekly for a pair of preview passes to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D at Red Rock Regal the Thursday before it opened. Granted, it’s touted as IMAX (most cinephiles know that there’s a big debate over the screen sizes), but this was not much bigger than the standard screen. It certainly wasn’t the 4 story screen I’ve seen films on in the past, and the theatre was tiny. The movie was visually stunning, and Danny (my guest) even got a theatre-style lightbox poster!
  • Cirque du Soleil in Vegas for the Mystere tickets and popcorn noshes in February (yes, I’m late on this. I was opening Viva Elvis a few weeks later, so time has been at a premium. Also there’s the disclaimer — I also work for Cirque du Soleil). This was a follow-up to the “Cirque and Blog” at Zumanity last year, and the last one I needed to see on my Vegas Cirque show tour.  The meet and greet with the artists was great, and I even had a bucket of popcorn tossed at my back by the clown! The guy in the front row became annoyed by getting picked on by the clowns, so much that he went up to an usher after the show to try and get his money back. Which really astounded me since you come to a circus to see clowns!

Rules if you want to get picked on by clowns:

  1. Sit in the front row.
  2. Bonus points for bringing a hot date and sitting in the front row.
  3. Sit in the last row of the lower section. If there’s an aisle behind you, you’re fair game.
  4. Sit on an aisle seat.
  5. Have a shaved head (guys) or ponytails or (bonus points) pigtails (gals).
  6. Be sitting with (or near) a very outgoing child under the age of 10.
  7. Sit anywhere in the sections closest to the stage.
  8. Realize that it’s a Cirque du Soleil show, and you’re really not safe from the clowns anywhere you sit!

Yep. Vegas really is the type of town that if you want something to do, you can find it. And contrary to what it may appear according to the above events list, I am not a lush. And, yes, this is procrastination on school work by blogging.

Also, in further efforts to lead to my early demise, I’m participating in two very physical events in the next two months. First, I’m running in the Run Away With Cirque du Soleil 5K next Saturday. I’m no where near where I should be to try and run the whole thing, and I apologize now for all of you that are going to have to put up with my whining about how much I hurt the following 3 days.  In April, I’m walking in the local Relay for Life with The Rubber Noses team. For those of you not familiar with Relay for Life, it’s an extended-hour walk (usually over 12 hours) and all donations go to the American Cancer Society. We’ll be walking, running, cartwheeling, and tumbling from 3 p.m. on April 24 until 7 a.m. on April 25. My personal goal is to raise $100 for this cause (more would be better <grin>), so PLEASE DONATE! The minimum online donation is $10, so please give up those two Starbucks drinks, two meals at McDonald’s or Wendy’s, or one Pizza Hut pizza for the week! Please and thank you….



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  1. 2010/03/15

    Congratulations–graduation will be here soon enough! It's been fun having you as a virtual FSU MLIS colleague! 🙂

    • 2010/03/15

      Thanks, Lindy! We'll still be colleagues, just professionals instead of students. Thanks for being a great source of industry information… keep it up! 🙂

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