Flagpole Sitter

Flagpoles in the Queen's garden by Roger Price

After the first WordCamp Vegas back in early 2009, a bunch of us formed a Beer & Blog chapter. It was good. We talked tech. We had a few beers. A few of us speculated what it would be like to have a tech community, since it was so segmented. Your developers there. Your internet marketers here. Designers stuck in the middle. Social media was still in its infancy. There were talks of a tech campus somewhere in town where startups could work together. Small investigations into making a co-working space a la Independents Hall, but no capital or prime locations to house it. Slowly Beer & Blog became more about the beer than the blog (it’s okay… some groups serve their purpose for a time and then dissolve). During one of these conversations, I hatched an idea for a tech community calendar, but there weren’t enough events to make it worth the effort.

I purchased domain names for it anyway and sat on them for the past 3 years.

It looks like Vegas is finally coming into its own after three years of searching for its home in the tech arena. Startup Weekend. Jelly. Ignite. WordCamp (crossing my fingers someone steps up to organize it this year!). Adobe User Groups. Not to mention the plethora of conferences held here every year.

Enter Sin City Silicon. There are finally enough events to fill a calendar or blog and make it meaningful to the local techs. I’m aware that the tech community is still going to have some segmentation due to programming language preferences, disciplines, and business models, but at least those who want to dabble will have a one-stop-shopping place to find all events. The main goal? To bring like-minded people together in the name of tech.

No idea when this is going to launch yet, but I’m hoping to work on it (with the help of some Jelly friends) in all of free time — between designing a poster for the Sunset Rock ‘N’ Run and helping out with /usr/lib (a library about technology? It’s like chocolate & peanut butter. I’m sold!). Stay tuned for more information…

Photo: Flagpoles in the Queen’s garden by Roger Price and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.



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