Fleeting Ideas

Crazy Monster has his head out the window today by explodingdog

Ahhh, ideas. They come so quickly.

And disappear just as quickly.

I’ve resorted to using Evernote to record ideas. It’s on my laptop. It’s on my desktop. It’s on the work computer. It’s on my phone. And they all sync. Brilliant.

I wonder where the great thinkers find their ideas. Late nights over a few drinks? In the shower? While running? 3 a.m. in a dream? What is the catalyst that sparks those ideas? Art or music? Nature? Magazine articles? A heated conversation?

What makes a great idea great? The ability to carry it out? The impact on society? A new process? Having the idea firmly based in reality? The simple fact that it diverges from the norm?

If the ideas would only generate rapidly and I had an army of minions to carry them out, I’d be set as a visionary. 🙂

Putting my butterfly net by the bed now so I can go find my divergent thoughts. I’m hoping to catch a few good ideas tonight.

Picture: Crazy Monster has his head out the window today by explodingdog. Please check out Sam’s drawings on his website, tumblr, or support him by buying a print through his store. They make great holiday gifts!



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