Food is Good!

Tonight is the end of my first week in Montreal training for the new position as technical documentalist. So I celebrated (so to speak) by eating at a kitschy eatery named Santropol. The décor is splattered with bold and muted colors (fuschia next to olive green) with old school charm. The mosaic table I sat at displayed a broken blue and white trivet of windmill (think Holland), and the next a trivet of a rooster. Partially dead plants occupied various corners of the eatery. The front enclosed porch displayed books and provided a great view of the snow that started falling. But the food… oh, the food! I ate my ham, apple, cucumber, and mint jelly with a fork and knife because it was too big to fit into my mouth. Instead of frites or chips, it was served with a side of bean sprouts, red cabbage, cuke, pickle, and peppers next to an orange wedge and cantaloupe slice. The 4-person staff all looked to be 30 or under, with the 2 guys serving and the 2 girls in the kitchen/dishroom. It’s good!



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