Freak Out!

Ok… I know that I don’t do it often, but I’m freakin’ out. This whole registering for school is starting to sink into reality instead of dreams. Which is cool, but now I’m wondering how to pull it off with a full time job AND a part time job. One option: Quit the part time job. NOOOO!!!! That’s the library job. Real experience to correlate with school. So it’s ruled out. Option 2: Find a new job, one that I can work from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Which leaves me with warehouse work or A/V work in my current profession. I’m thinking, too, that I’d like for it to be 3/4 time. Work 4 days, have off 3, around 32-35 hours a week. Does this exist in Orlando? I have no idea. Please email me with any other suggestions in this realm. I’m not even concerned about benefits at this point, and I’ll pay for my own medical if necessary. But I’m going to have to find out soon, otherwise my body will officially tell me (again) that it’s time to slow down. Which it’s already doing to me. And right now I should be asleep so that my body can better use the antibiotics to heal itself. Ugh. Awwwww… freak out!



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