Friends, Food, and Confabulation

There’s your 5ยข word for the week!

On Thursday, November 18th, I was invited to share some great conversation over some fantastic food at Tbones inside Station Casino’s Red Rock Resort.

Joined by Victoria Soares and Sean Wells (who arranged the entire night), we chatted about the future of new media both in Las Vegas and beyond our little desert microcosm.

Over appetizers and drinks, Sean asked Vicki and myself questions about our particular industries and why we use social media. Although we both started with this technology for different reasons, we both agree that many users of this medium are calculated risk-takers. Especially the early adopters. For me, it was a calculated risk to use Twitter when I moved to Las Vegas to find a new group of friends (thanks, John Hawkins and Nate Ludens for inviting me to the Black Diamond Digital gatherings in 2008). As time went along, I began using Twitter to connect with others in the information profession since I often felt like an island in the desert. I listened. I learned. I connected. I debated. That risk of reaching out to these unknown people as a newcomer to the profession was well-worth it.

You can check out the entire summary of our conversation over on the Station Casino’s blog (link to come).

After that it was time to stuff ourselves silly. Executive Chef Joseph Kudrak and his team at Tbones have their standard menu, but rotate some items seasonally and based upon availability. Look for the box at the bottom of the menu for these items, and you won’t be disappointed. We sampled the foie gras, yellowfin tuna poke, and tomato mozzarella salad for appetizers; mac and cheese, brussel sprouts, and au gratin potatoes as family-style sides, and each had a steak (see the picture to the left for my choice). And it was a lot. Of. Food. You definitely get a lot of high quality noshes. The price point is your typical high-end steakhouse cost: Expect to spend around $150+ for two steaks, two sides, and two drinks – not including tip. But it is certainly well worth it!

[DISCLOSURE: The meal itself was comped by Station Casinos/Red Rock Resort/Tbones as guests of the chef; however, we provided tip to the wait staff. I was not asked to write a positive review of the experience or meal, and received no other compensation for writing this post.]



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