Goodbye, Doc Z

For all of you Full Sailors out there, I need to let you know that Dave “Doc” Zielinski passed away this week in a motorcycle accident. He made my time at Full Sail Live more fun. He was a teacher at heart that was never satisfied with what he knew, wanting to share his knowledge to those of us who asked. Live labs, open houses, Stevie Wonder, Northland services on Sundays, pitchers of sweet tea at the Ale House, the look on his face when Donut introduced himself to Bagel… all memories that will stick with me. Who could forget the time a bunch of us chipped in for WWF tickets, grabbing the last few that were in the nosebleed seats, only to be seated on the floor next to the ring when we got to the arena. To top it all off, he was a perfect gentleman. Doc took me for dinner to Portabello’s at Downtown Disney to celebrate my graduation, introducing me to the finer points of Italian (his heritage) Grappa and cuisine. He loved Disney and loved his friends, worked hard but played harder, and made the most out of his life. I’ll miss you, Doc Z…



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