Here we go again…

Banning a dictionary???

You’ve got to be kidding. A North Carolina school district banned a slang dictionary along with four other books. Their reasoning: it contained vulgar words. No where (that I can find) on the Wake County Public School System page does it mention anything of the meeting where they ratified this act. The group that initiated this movement, Called2Action, touts this as a great selling point on their main page. To me, this is just asinine. Regular dictionaries also have crude words included in their pages. Eventually children find ways of exposing themselves to the material. As a parent, would you rather have your child experience this in a school setting where they can rationally discuss the scenarios, or in a peer environment where heresay is the norm? I know what my choice would be. In fact, how many of the adults fighting this actually read the books and determined them to not be in their child’s best interest? It’s all filling the need to be a part of something bigger, a ride on the popularity band wagon for their 15 minutes of fame. Howard Cosell said it best: “What’s right isn’t always popular. What’s popular isn’t always right.”



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  1. Anonymous

    okay that’s funny
    cos i own the slang dictionary
    and yeah vulgarity does exist in the world of slang..what the hell we’re they thinking


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