How Is That? Better?

I’m on the road again!

Two Saturdays ago was supposed to be our mega miles day at 12 miles. I completed 7 miles before my hip and leg started to get stiff. So, last week I visited Dr. John again. He pushed, pulled, poked, and prodded my hips back into alignment. He did such good work that I was able to run 4 miles that same evening! The only reason I decided not to complete the 6 miles with the rest of the group was because I was feeling a bit of weakness in my quads and didn’t want to push it to injure myself again. This past Saturday I completed 8+ miles in approximately 2 hours without pain or stiffness. I had a few aches, but that’s to be expected when you’re running those distances. In fact, I rolled them all out that day and recovered fairly quick on Sunday.

We’re now in the taper part of the training program. In some ways it’s hard to believe that race day is only 12 days away (if my math is correct) and that 16 weeks has almost passed. I’ve gone from barely even getting through a mile to thinking, “Three miles? Is that all?” In fact, tonight my pace for our 3 mile run was 12:36 per mile, which means I am capable of running a 5K in around 35 minutes. Yep. I broke the 13:00 mile mark for shorter distances, which ROCKS! I’m hoping that I can keep up that pace on race day for all 13.1 miles. There will be Clif Shot Blocks and Honey Zingers in my little runners pack on race day to get me through.

And a huge thank you to all of my family, friends, coworkers, and random internet/twitter friends who have helped me come within $70 of my $1500 goal. I know I’ve been slacking on the email thank-yous as of late, but I greatly appreciate every little bit of support I received from everyone, from the verbal encouragement to cheers to get well wishes the past few weeks. Everyone who donates will be receiving an extra-special thank you in the mail — and I’m not talking about the charitable donation tax form.

In other news, things have been a bit hectic here. Settling into my new position at work, enjoying the training, getting lost in new theatres… I broke, my car broke (yes, the new car needs an O2 fuel sensor already), and it looks like my thermostat or water heater is broke since my heat seems to run forever and my water temperature is inconsistent. After the holidays I’m looking for my next big adventure. Not quite sure what it is yet, but it will include getting the rest of my muscles back into shape. Any suggestions?



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