I’m a ramblin’ woman!

Yep. I’m back from vacation. Portland, OR, is a beautiful city, and I really wouldn’t mind moving there. In fact, I think I need to find a way to move there! Anyone hiring? It’s clean. Bike and public transportation friendly. The people are friendly. Good food can be had cheap. And the music scene… fabulous! Wait — I haven’t mentioned the books!!!! The only thing I didn’t like were the street people. It’s weird when they’re clean and still panhandling. At least a few of the people sold some type of good or played music. In fact, there was one kid who was excellent on the violin. The kids that thought it’s cool to panhandle and loaf annoyed me. In fact, my favorite line of the week said by two 15 year old girls (or around that age): “Hey, give me a dollar and you can tell me your opinion of me. What? Nothing? Well, here’s my opinion of you. F*** off!” Kids these days (grumble, grumble…)! I highly suggest going to MusicFest NW to see a lot of great musicians and up-and-comers. And on that note, I’m off to dream a bit more after a hectic week.



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