I’m Headed To Boot Camp

Vegas style. Groupon offered a 20 class package to Boot Camp Las Vegas for $25, so I thought, “Why the heck not? One location is at the park just down the street.” My hope is that this is a jump start into a regular fitness routine and the beginning of losing 30 lbs (that I put on due to a malfunctioning thyroid). I start next Monday, and expect to be super sore for the first week since I’m trying to make 4 classes a week. I am determined to kick the rest of the asthma out of my system, lose the weight, and get my toned stomach back!

Unfortunately, 1500 people bought the Groupon. The offer doesn’t expire until November, but it’s causing some people to feel duped since all the classes are filled until July. I understand that there needs to be a minimum, but what about capping the offer as well. Sell what you can easily accommodate in 2-3 months so that you don’t piss off your potential clients. I also don’t see how any money is being made on this offer since it was so deeply discounted (ex. Normal price: 3 classes / week for $150). This would be a great business study to see what the outcome is — and if its sustainable.



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