I’m moving on

This whole moving thing still isn’t quite sinking in. In 48 hours I’ll be sitting on a plane on my way to the frozen wonderland of Montreal. The week is gone. The paper is submitted for grad school, although I wasn’t happy with the final product. I’ve made plans, reservations, got my allergy medications for the month, and supplies for the cat. The hotel I’m staying at apparently accepts pets, but Buskin won’t be going with me. He’s stressed so as it is with all the boxes and suitcases. I’m going to try and use Skype as much as possible for calling everyone since the data & roaming for the AT&T wireless phone is quite a bit of coin. Although, I do have to say that I really am enjoying the new BlackBerry Curve. I’m enjoying it so much that I think that’s why I’m not happy with my recent paper. My Samsung Blackjack had connection issues that couldn’t be resolved and wasn’t going to cut it for business travelling.

My concerns? Alone in a new city where I don’t know the native language. With all the other preparations, I haven’t had the opportunity to acquaint myself with the layout of the city. Transportation, since I can’t seem to figure out the public transit up there. Keeping up with class. Making sure I stay warm and pack everything I need for the month. Getting through airport security with my allergy injection vials. Finishing the laptop set-up so that I have everything I need (financial, journal, class, etc.) with me. Taking the external drive so that I have tunes — and add new tunes I’m sure to find!

But I’m only one person, and when I need to go, everything will stay as is until I return. No use stressing about it.



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  1. Rhea

    Good luck with your trip! Sounds like it should be an exciting adventure!

    I see you like writing from your profile. I have a writing challenge on my blog right now. It’s to write a six word memoir based on Hemingway’s. Check it out!


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