Jeanne et. al.

Once again, another hurricane struck Florida this past weekend. Like most Floridians, I am sick of these things. Three out of the four made an “X” over the central part of the state, the center falling within 50 miles of where I currently reside. For the third time, luck was with us. We lost power for approximately five hours, the repaired fence withstood the 75+ m.p.h. winds, lost a few palm fronds, but the two hibiscus in front didn’t make it. They both snapped in half amidst their braided trunks. I am glad, though, that the roof is still in one piece without holes or missing shingles (like many of my friends in the greater Orlando area). My thoughts and well-wishes are with those on the east coast hit twice this month for a speedy transition into some sense of normalcy.

Needless to say, I didn’t get to go through any more boxes this weekend since the garage was occupied by the copious amounts of patio gear. Besides, I need to get another two plastic storage containers so that I can get rid of all the lovely cardboard boxes inviting various insects to make their homes in them. The cardboard just sucks up the humidity! Although, I can’t say the weekend was a complete bust. I did go through my desk drawers and tossed out some things that I’ve held on to since elementary and junior high school, like a stack of Desert Storm trading cards. Those were a bit spooky to find.

I rediscovered the joys of internet radio again. ITunes carries a channel called “Radio Paradise” under their ecclectic category that’s right up my alley. They play almost anything from Tom Waits, the Cure, Elliot Smith, various country artist whose names I cannot remember, and (what’s currently on) some Latin-influenced tunes. I even heard some Floyd last night. It pretty much mimics my own CD collection, but gives me the ability to sample new (or old) artists. The station, though, still can’t make me like country music.



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