Kids? Not for me!

The weather today is particularly dreary. Bands of rain keep passing overhead carried by wind gusts that knock you off your feet! Traffic in the library was light for a Monday, but enough kids came in to undo the shelves that I read this morning. I’m convinced, though, that the problem isn’t with the kids; the problem is the parents. I don’t know if the modern parent doesn’t take an active interest in what their child is doing or if most just don’t care. Many kids get told to go sit in the children’s area and read a book while mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/brother/sister/guardian du jour looks for DVD’s, books, or uses the computer. The kids then act out, trying to push the boundaries and receive some attention. I’m speaking as a generality, not as fact. Some children behave extremely well when left alone, others need a gentle reminder. “Please do not do that. The book is not a tug-of-war rope.” There’s a reason why I don’t want kids, although if I ever change my mind, I’ll know what not to do.



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  1. Anonymous

    no kids eh ?
    i hear ya there…i am having a hard enough time being a live in uncle..

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