Well, not only is this post 200, this is the last post I’ll write while living in Florida. Yep. I leave tomorrow (less than 12 hours!) for Las Vegas. Everything is in boxes — including some things I needed which needed to be fished out — the car is partially packed, and the car is fully inspected. I said goodbye one last time to some of my co-workers. I now have medicine to help me kick the last of the cold/bronchitis I acquired in Montreal. The bathroom is 90% clean. I have to sweep up the Buskin tumbleweeds tomorrow once everything is out. And get my allergy shot. Yeah. It’s going to be an adventure. Yeah. It’s going to suck. Yeah. It’s going to work out for the best. Let’s hope I keep my eyes open for all the landmarks on the way there.



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  1. Anonymous

    poor Buskin
    it must be rough for him making so many moves
    poor lil guy


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