Library Day In The Life “Almost There” Edition

Yeah. Odd, odd, odd, odd day. The entire crew was in super early today, which meant my work area was loud most of the day. My desk is located in the “crew room,” the technician break room. Had the lights turned off on me once because a tech had some down time and wanted to take a nap. Lots of chatter. People were in there from the time I came in until dress rehearsal began.

I’m not used to that.

Normally, it’s a handful of day maintenance people that are in that early. They’re normally very busy that they don’t use the crew room unless there’s a drafting project to be completed. Today, however, I felt like I was on I-15 at rush hour. I’d get up to speed and then have to put the brakes on again because something else came up. That, and the video gods were conspiring against me. I gave up on the video project about 15:00, mostly because I didn’t have the block time or correct tools to work on it. Instead, I opted to bring it home since I know how easy it is on my Mac.

At Least I Tried by Hugh MacLeod
"At Least I Tried" by Hugh MacLeod

There was an impromptu meeting around 13:00. I got some good information on it, although I wish the communication would have been there earlier in the day. On the other hand, I did receive a nice compliment from a coworker today. This person approached me and said, “I could never do your job. I can’t stand chasing after people for information. It’s like you’re the teacher asking the students for their homework and hearing that the dog ate it.” I had a good laugh over that because it’s mostly true. No matter what industry you’re in, documentation somehow becomes a four-letter word loathed by all who hear it.

On the way home, I stopped at In-N-Out Burger to feed my impending inner coder, video editor, and graphics artist. The guy at the window asked if I was a teacher.

Apparently the universe thinks I need to be an educator. Training people is actually in my job description, but I don’t think this is what is meant by teacher today.

Since 18:30, I’ve been editing video for work, creating logos for Libraries & Transliteracy’s logo contest, and finally writing this blog post. That makes me a very happy geek.



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  1. msshelved

    Funny that you get so much work done when you're AWAY from work!

  2. 2010/07/31

    It's amazing how much you can get done when you're not interrupted every 10 minutes!

  3. Bobbi Newman

    I love Gaping Void!

    Thank you for your entry! 🙂

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