Library Day In The Life Tuesday Edition

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Cirque du Soleil - Viva Elvis by Kent Kanouse

Tuesday. One day after Monday. Last work day of the dark (dark = no shows) period before a dry tech run and then a dress rehearsal on Thursday at 4 p.m. [All ticket proceeds to benefit Mississippi Community Fund.] Not much has changed in the way of tasks, but I have the added fun of meetings today. I won’t bore you with the minute details like yesterday. Instead, today’s post is the equivalent of a highlight reel.

First thing when I made it into work, I realized that the ceiling tiles had not been fixed. Before I even crack open the laptop, I find a ladder in order to make them right — and less dangerous to walk under. I fix the five misaligned tiles, return the ladder to the carpenters, and continue with the email and ongoing verifying documents task.

Lunch is scarfed down, and work continues until 2:00. A coworker who is participating in the file restructuring (yep. We’re trying to make the file structure reflect the show’s operation and make it easier for the end users — taxonomy, IA, and Ux all rolled into one) meeting shows up (yay! Another set of eyes and ears!), but the other person is delayed due to a show element being returned from a vendor. We get started about a half hour late, but the meeting goes well. One department is now ready to be sent off for final approval.

Schedule the remaining department meetings since no one else got back to me by last night’s deadline. I end up making two “house” calls to avoid the email ping-pong match. One person can have a meeting in a few minutes, but the other I’m not so lucky. He’s leaving for for the day and has a few days off starting tomorrow, so it will need to wait until next week. Another one is left unscheduled because of conflicts, and that will need be sorted out tomorrow. In many ways, this sucks because I wanted to have all of the department document structures solidified by August 1st. Now, I’m not sure that I’ll make that deadline.

On the other hand, my coworker was still here and I had her look at the structures to ask questions and blow holes in the weak sections. She’s a very insightful lady, and extremely good at what she does. A few flaws were found, and she helped figure out some universal names for folders where I was struggling. Yay, teamwork!

And remember the scissors I borrowed from yesterday? Yeah. They broke while I was cutting a sample. Cheap plastic hinges. I owe the props team a bag of candy to help fill their toolbox of sweet magic.

The land of documentation is an odd place. The position is seen as a blessing (Yay! We found the document / drawing / photo that we needed!) or a curse (What? We need to have meetings? We already know where everything is in this pile…). There are days like today where the HTML would look like this if I was coding a web page:

<div style=”background-image:url(/imgs/headdesk.gif);
It’s hard because I am the sole documentalist on this show — which is a luxury for the team — yet hard for me since I don’t get to see the people in my department that often. Don’t get me wrong: I am supported, but that little bit of face time often goes a long way to fostering new ideas and solutions. Somehow you keep trudging through because you know in the end it will make documents easier to find and update. That one little bit of praise and appreciation during the day goes a long, long, way.



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