Library Day In The Life Wednesday Installment

Halfway through the week, which means tons of meetings from noon until 4:30. Somehow I managed to squeeze lunch in there. The first meeting was the weekly technical meeting. After that the meetings all centered around the file restructure. Got some great advice from two coworkers on keeping the project moving along. Based on the feedback from the people involved, I updated the structure and identified problem areas — and the folder names that will need to be standardized (Works in Progress or Projects and Tasks?). I really wanted to have this segment of the project completed by now. I’ll be satisfied if the entire project is finished (including new file security structures and file movement) by the end of my contract. Crossing my fingers since I don’t like to leave projects unfinished!

Yep. That was the day. It moved too quick to be much more interesting than that!

In other unrelated news, my video poker winning streak broke (nickel and dime games). Thanks to Mr. Man, I’m learning. Still up $7 overall, but no winnings today. I’ll have to try again this weekend.



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