Library Day In The Life Wrap Up Friday Edition

Friday! Friday! Friday!

[Please ignore the fact I’m posting this on Saturday.]

The morning starts out with me not being able to get out the front exit of my condo complex. I forgot that they were sealing the through-ways this morning, so flip a U-turn and and go out the back exit. Decide that it’s a Starbucks kind of morning. Stop for an iced chai and an egg & turkey bacon muffin. Chai was good as always, but the muffin quite bland. I think it needed some cheese to make it better!

Got in to work to find out I need to update my boss on the restructuring project by the end of the day. It’s very fortunate that I received comments back from one department a few messages before I read that request. Look over the proposed structure for proposed department and find that this department would like to do one part of the structure different than all of the other departments. It’s time to pull out those marketing skills so that I can keep a basic file structure between the departments, and also find out why. That’s 90% of this restructuring. Why do you want this? Tell me how you would use this. How would you store x? I try to blow holes into the structure as much as possible so that I can defend the structure if need be.

Decided on common terms for the standard folders in each department since the departments were split in what they liked to call them. Also clarified some other needs in another department. That leaves all but two departments finalized. And it’s still a week late. Yay. I hate missing deadlines, especially when it’s out of my hands and due to poor timing.

Other than that, cleaned up the desk. Put away more binders and verified documentation for one smaller element. And that’s the week. Friday! Friday! Friday!

And if you get a chance to see Colin Hay, do it. Still has a great voice, and he still puts on a great show.

A note from Thursday: Had a corporate (partner company) IT guy looking for the OPM. Seemed very new and eager to please since he kept complimenting me on the color of my eyes. Apparently he was somehow quite smitten with me even though I didn’t say more than 10 words to him. I was not smitten with him because my first impression of him was too eager to please everyone and way, way, way too nice to the point of annoyance. As I was leaving for the day, the OPM asked if I wanted the IT guy’s number since he couldn’t stop talking about the blonde haired girl with blue eyes. <sigh> No. Thanks. I’m happy right now with whom I’m seeing. That added to the oddity of the day.



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