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Welcome to the annual foray into Library Day In The Life [LDITL, or #libday5]. Some of you may remember that this happened almost exactly a year ago on this blog as well. This, however, is actually the fifth global installment of LDITL.  Personally, I still work for the same company I did last year, and yes — it’s still a circus. Literally.

Harmon Hotel with Viva ELVIS wrap
Harmon Hotel by Gunther Hagleitner

8:00 Alarm goes off. One cat decides that he needs to play king of the mountain for five minutes until I make him move so I can get ready for work. The other cat decides that he needs attention. Right. NOW. Meowing and weaving between my legs as I try to retrieve clothing from the closet. Apparently he was trying to tell me he wasn’t feeling well. Yep. Hairball morning. Yay. Clean the mess, shower, and drive to work in humidity (anything above 10% is humid in Las Vegas!).

10:15 Arrive at work. Place the laptop on the dock, and start it up. Realize the external second monitor is not responding. Undock the laptop and reseat it. Success! Read emails and drive replication reports.

10:45 Answer questions regarding the versioning of CAD drawings and their names. Send the manual to the tech who was asking so it’s a point of reference. Also suggest contacting the Vegas CAD Specialist for further help since I’m not trained in that software.

11:00 Receive follow up phone call from a company whose webinar I attended last week. Tell company we’re still in evaluation phase and not looking to buy (truth) to make the phone call quick. Offers to send some white papers to keep on file.

11:05 Turn on to keep the motivation going through the document audit. Yep. Still working on updating all the needs for our fire permits. Seven 2″ or 3″ binders full of documents to verify. Currently working on binder four and quickly running out of sheet protectors and binder room again.

12:00 Don the jacket. Why is it that all buildings in Vegas freeze you out in the summer and roast you in the winter? Realize that my laptop is showing a network synchronization error. It’s an IE file… not necessary. Delete. Problem fixed. Back to the audit.

12:30 Try to track down content specialist for one of the element. Need the paint and construction materials from them so I can complete the index and find the necessary supporting documents. The tech has all the info except for one piece. Unfortunately the rest of the department is out on days off (the show is currently dark and transitioning to a new show schedule), so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

13:00 Sift through MSDSs for the show element. Realize that there are way too many different types and mixes of gold paint in the show — 5 types of spray paint, and this doesn’t even include regular brush paints or gold leaf.

13:30 Focus wanes. Decide to eat lunch. Catch up on the morning’s news and some information in the Google Reader. Also explore booking a long weekend in Sedona, AZ.

14:00 Continue the audit. Lose count how many times I’ve run to the printer. I’m single-handedly destroying a forest (hopefully sustainable) and wondering the cost of the toner I’ve been using. Do you know the cost per gallon of black ink? Stuff pages into page protectors.

15:00 Begin assembling the physical binders. Proceed to crash MS Word and Windows Explorer by impatiently trying to do a search for a missing item. Restart the computer.

16:00 More of the same. Realize that someone has thieved my scissors off of my desk when I go to cut a material sample in half. Thief also took my good — and only — mechanical pencil. I work in a semi-private area. The only people who usually come in there are the show crew and cleaning crew. Do a nice, long rant on Twitter regarding said items. Search for the missing items. No luck on the scissors, but I do find the pencil. Borrow a scissor from the props department. The same task carries on until…

18:00 … All of  a sudden it sounds like a windstorm is coming through the room. Realize they’re running the stage lifts, and I think they’re moving pretty close to full speed. It creates a weird airflow, causing the ceiling tiles to rise and fall. Manage to catch the tail end of one of the pressure changes with Qik:

Yep. As you can tell by the aftermath of tiles hanging precariously from the ceiling, it was time to go home. Packed up, locked up things so they didn’t grow legs overnight, and said, “Let’s blow this popsicle stand!” Walked to parking garage and went home.

19:00 Home, dinner, job searching since my contract expires in two months (!), and starting research for two applications. Play with the cats, and write this blog.



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