Library stuff and allergies

Well, I’m officially a Seminole. I received acceptance letters from both Florida State University and Drexel University, and I chose FSU. Why, you ask? The programs are similar, they’re both top programs in the country, and both accredited by the ALA. The difference comes in the tuition. I’m a Florida in-state student (hard to believe that it’s now 9 years since I moved to this state) where I’d pay just over $300/credit. Drexel costs $800/credit since I do not work for a partner organization (even so, that only drops it to $600). So if I’m going to get the same type of education and find myself equally happy at either institution, I think I’ll take the one that will contribute the least to my already-high school loan debt.

For all the library geeks out there, I highly suggest checking out Ms. Dewey for a chuckle. Too bad the internet was down at the library today. I think a few of our patrons could have used her…

I also found out in the last week that I’m allergic to the entire state of Florida. Out of the pollens and grasses for which they ran tests, only one tree came back negative. The good news is molds do not affect me. On the food end, I’m slightly allergic to carrots, tomatoes, white potatoes, mushrooms, lemons, oranges, black pepper, cow’s milk, shrimp, and strawberries. But now I’m a card-carrying member of the Epi-Pen club for my severe allergy to oysters. Scallops and lobster were up there as well, and I really don’t want to push it so no seafood dinners for me!



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